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Wilfred lace top, drapey harem pant, wool and cashmere boyfriend cardigan, Yes Style satchel
Wilfred lace top, cardigan and trousers, Zara faux leather jacket, Vintage belt, Michael Kors suede driver, Yes Style satchel, Casio watch

Wilfred lace top, drapey harem pant, wool and cashmere boyfriend cardigan, Yes Style satchel
Wilfred lace top, drapey harem pant, wool and cashmere boyfriend cardigan, Yes Style satchel
Wilfred lace top, drapey harem pant, wool and cashmere boyfriend cardigan, Yes Style satchel
Photos by Patrick Leung

On my day off, I decided to take a trip up to SFU and do a quick shoot with Pat before class. A good friend of mine is a TA for a third-year Communications class, so I thought I'd attend the lecture for fun. It was an interesting class about media and education, and I thought it was ironic that I paid more attention in class today than when I was an actual student a few years ago. I think you don't fully appreciate what you study in school until after you graduate. Only then can you take what you've learned and apply it to everyday life -- it really puts things into perspective.

This will be my last post in the next while. Le Mode du Jour is moving and getting a new look in the process. It's something that I've been wanting to do for awhile, but never got around to starting until a few weeks ago. I'm really excited to reveal the new blog, so hopefully you'll like it as much as I do.


Jess ♡ said...

These are amazing photos Nicole :) Lovin' the subtle sexy yet very classy look you have going on! Can't wait to see the new Le Mode du Jour layout, best of luck!

PS- SFU is looking quite spectacular if I do say so myself, it was looking pretty great at 7:45am this morning when I was up there too ;)!

Jenny said...

Aaaah! So beautiful! Thanks for coming to my class and keeping me company while I was being a cranky old TA. ;)

soph (owl vs. dove) said...

This is such a wonderful outfit. Love the colour combinations, and the bag is just fantastic!

sharonlei said...

Nicole! I've missed you and your blog. I've just caught up... :) Sorry to hear about your pup. 18 years is such a long time... and pups are more than just pets, they are family. I hope the days are getting easier for you. :)

Well, you're looking fabulous as ever. I'm really loving your hair in these shots. I'm also excited to see the revamp of Le Mode du Jour! I bet it will be fabulous. Hope you're doing good.. <3

xx Love & Aloha

Kim Barbie said...

wow your outfit is so amazing! I love the pants.

kate maggie said...

You look beautiful. I have been eyeing up that wilfred lace top and now I am in love with it 10 x more. Looks so good on you! Good luck with preperations for the new blog. I bet its fabulous, cant wait to see! x

samanthaloves said...

Okay, this has got to be one of my favourite outfits that you have put together. I love the colour of those trousers and how it goes well with the sheer lace tank. And I'm totally crushing on the bag... so much that I actually ordered it during Christmas, but I swear it was before I saw your twitpic of it!! Can't wait to see the new look of LMDJ.

EevvaStyle said...

OMG! So great!

priincess emily said...

you look so beautiful and this outfit look like it was piece together with ease! :) I love it!!

Kristy said...

This is such a fashionable studious look :) I wish I dressed like this back when I was still in school. Gosh, I love those pants so much, especially the high waistband. Looking gorgeous as always, love :)

And yes, I appreciate education so much now that I'm working. I'm doing much better at school now than when I was in university. I wish I could turn back the time. Oh well, life goes on :)

I'm going to miss you (a lot) during your blog hiatus. But I can't wait to see the new face of LMDJ! See you on Facebook :)


J'Anns Boutique said...

Love your outfit. Just bought the white in that top at Aritzia!


ღ Pale Puppet said...

Gorgeous outfit and lovely photos. <3 :)

Rebecca said...

adore these pants, great style!

lisa said...

Gorgeous outfit and photos. Can't wait to see what the revamped Le Mode du Jour will look like!

Mijune said...

Love the photos Nicole!!! You look delicious! c'mon magazine editors... don't let this chick slip through your fingers!

PS: You totally gave me an idea of an outfit too!


ShopeDelano said...

You look AMAZING. Absolutely stunning! I love the contrast of the cream and black, and i love the lace as well! You'll definitley go far in the blogging world! ;)


The Savvy Frugalista said...

I really love your photos! Love your bag. I thought it was vintage. I had know idea it was from Yes Style! Your outfit seems so comfy. Casual chic!

I'm excited to see how your new blog looks like. It's great when you accomplish something that has been on your mind for a while.
I need to cross a few things of my to-do list.

Have a great (almost) weekend!


Ashley said...

I'm obsessed with those lounge-y type pants. So comfortable...and they look so good on. Great shots. Cheers - a

Anonymous said...

Were you a CMNS major at SFU? You've taken some shots at Harbour Centre too; my favorite campus.

You should check out the view from the 6th Floor of the AQ -- preeeetttay spectacular.

GREAT outfit!!

All the best!

Style Worthwhile said...

Love your photos! That bag is great! I've been thinking about getting a pair of pants in that colour, gotta go shopping soon. I'm excited to see your new blog, I'm sure it will be amazing :)


annette said...

hey beautiful!

i still don't think i appreciate school... haha. I was always more a study-on-my-own person.
Loving this outfit... my favs is a toss up between the lace top and casio watch.. love the old school!

Can't wait to see the new blog! when is the big revealing day?


yumiko said...

you look amazing!

fashioneggpplant said...

love it! , you look perfect, minimalistic chic =)


Kiyo said...

I love the satchel, and these pictures are so pretty!

Alexandra said...

I absolutely love this outfit Nicole! So cute and it flatters you perfectly. I'm sure you were the chicest one in the lecture hall lol.

Alexandra xo


MizzJ said...

Looking forward to the revamp though I'll miss your posts! This outfit has to got to be one of my favs of yours. The colors are perfect, the different textures amazing, and your hair looks so nice here too haha

JANE said...

Hi beautiful! You know I decided to go to SFU because I checked out the campus on a nice sunny day and the courtyard was beautiful... then to my surprise it felt like prison on those wet, ugly days... as usual, love the photos!

Anya said...

Ooooh, I was going to buy those same pants but didn't. Maybe I should? They go so well with my Rachel Comeys.

paula said...

GReat outfit, it's so chic


THE CHEAP said...

You're gorgeous!


Amy Kay said...

Gorgeous Nicole! You look so sophisticated. Love the bag and trousers paired with the lace top. You look smokin in that first pic;) Looking forward to your new blog!

p.s: how did the styling go??

xoxo, amy

STARR said...

Your hair looks gorgeous and I love the pants! Looking forward to the new blog :)

Sharla said...

this outfit is amazing
i love your nail colour btw-- what is it? gorgeous and so on trend. i've been looking for a royal blue colour for ages now!


aliciafashionista said...

It's so true that you can appreciate school after you've been working. Hands on experience can be far more valuable than classroom lectures. It's great to always be learning though!
Love this outfit AND that I have the ability to comment on it ;) That purse is super super amazing, just a beautiful piece.
Can't wait to see what you have in store for the new site xoxo

guusvanvugt said...

adorable blog!

abeautifullife.ca said...

Your photos by Patrick are really stunning. Didn't realize how pretty SFU looks since I've never beenthere.

That satchel is simply gorg.

Can't wait to see the new look!

Aney said...

One of my favourites! Haha Everything lace and pretty is gorgeous to me. Kind of wish I had gotten those harem pants instead of the Wilfred silk ones I got - tell me how you still don't have snow over in Vancouver. The weather is absurd here in Toronto. I would like to be prancing around outside in a pair of flats/loafers.

I'm excited for the launch of your new blog!! I can't wait to see the new layout - are you sticking to the name or changing it as well? I look forward to seeing all the wonderfulness Nicole! :)

Follow Me Foodie said...

U have a freaking scarf NAMED AFTER YOU!??! That's freaking HOTTTTT!!!! I couldn't comment on that post.

Update your blog nicole!! I need more pictures and inspiration!!! MORE LE MODE DU JOUR!!

Fifth Sparrow said...

Gorgeous photos of a lovely outfit! Can't wait to see the new design, good luck! xx

~Chelsea said...

Nicole, I'm so jealous that you can see the grass- let along the fact that it's green! Haha. We're buried in snow on the east cost here...the snow bank at the end of my driveaway is as tall as I am! (I'm 5'7") Looking forward to seeing what is next for your blog!

BARESTUDY (Janelle) said...

love your blog and photos! i'm a new follower. hope you can come visit me and follow my blog as well.. it's great to find fellow vancouver blogger :)


The Anthology said...

Ooooooh... can't wait to see what you've got in store.

Love this look. And these shots. You know I've never been up to the SFU campus and I've lived in Vancouver my whole life. I've heard the view is spectacular though.


Fashion By Night said...

love the pants and lace shirt! also love that you wore that outfit to school :)

diana kang said...

nicole this outfit is so amaizng!! its really well put together! xx

Leather & Lace said...

i love your blog! you are stunning!!


rachel chen said...

that watch and satchel are calling to me! i love them! i've never ordered from yesstyle, but now i'm tempted to go! dying for a satchel like that one


Fashion Smiley said...

beautiful pictures, love your blog:)

visit my new blog and be my follower if you want:

ko0ty said...

Haven't been here in ages (I have 2.5 months of blog entries to catch up on!)... I miss looking at your amazing outfit pics. You look great babe!